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    Professional upholstery cleaning at an affordable price

    Comfort Couch Cleaning is known for offering proficient and affordable sofa cleaning in Brisbane. Through our 24/7 emergency and same-day couch cleaning, we will surely reach your premise within an hour.

    You can trust our experts to deliver outstanding outcomes as we are all trained and educated with the correct information and practice to meet 100% sparkling clean results for your upholstery. We follow a stepwise approach to clean and eradicate dirt to a variety of sofas such as nylon, mock suede, silk, linen, Indian cotton, ottoman, and more!

    Hiring us can provide you with endless benefits - from a professionally cleaned sofa to practical recommendation to maintain hygienic upholstery, we will make sure to cover everything you need for your couch! Wait no more and hire us today at an affordable price.

    The process we follow for upholstery cleaning

    Comfort Couch Cleaning experts adhere to a progressive cleaning procedure for sofa cleaning. In case your couch is enduring colossal damage and needs further treatment, we can customise our cleaning approach for you!

    Right here is the glimpse of how we carry out our cleaning process:

    Couch assessment

    This step is to have an idea which type of upholstery you have, what damage it has, which treatment is suitable to prevent additional damage for your upholstery. Our technicians will take note of which part needs to be taken care of mindfully.

    Vacuum procedure

    After the checkup, we will then proceed to vacuum your upholstery to take out all the clouds of dust and dirt. We only use the latest and functional equipment to clean your upholstery.

    professional couch cleaning Brisbane

    Upholstery stain removal

    After vacuuming your couch, we will then proceed to remove the stains. The presence of stains lowers the grandeur condition of your sofa which makes it look antiquated and filthy. Through this step, all the smudges will be removed and your couch will refreshen. The cleaning detergent we apply here is guaranteed organic and safe with no drastic side effects.

    Upholstery washing

    This is the part where we will now use water extraction to thoroughly remove all unwanted blotches on your couch. This step will vary depending on the needs of your upholstery because some materials are sensitive to water which needs dry cleaning instead.


    We will allow you to check every side of your upholstery. In case you have doubts and questions, please do not hesitate to ask and reach out to our technicians as we are more than happy to answer your concerns.

    emergency couch cleaning services Brisbane

    Fast same-day sofa cleaning Brisbane

    Our team of specialists are licensed and cater are available for a fast and reliable same-day upholstery cleaning for you. We offer you economical costs for cleaning services, yet meeting world-class results!

    Upon verifying your booking, we will make sure to reach you in one hour so we can conduct our thorough procedures immediately.

    24/7 Open emergency upholstery cleaning Brisbane

    Looking for professional emergency sofa cleaning that is available 24/7? Don’t worry because we are open 24/7 to provide you with exceptional emergency sofa cleaning in Brisbane!

    We take urgent actions to address any type of sofa issues you have and meet 100% customer satisfaction. We understand the significance of prompt and dependable couch cleaning service, that is why we never fail to fulfil your expectations.

    sofa cleaning services Brisbane

    The sofa cleaning services we provide

    Fabric upholstery cleaning Brisbane

    We offer a thorough cleaning of your fabric upholstery on the day of your booking! Fabrics are amongst the in-demand material in the industry because of its resistant feature to stains. But with time, it may endure significant damage and soils which professionals can mend and do the cleaning job for you!

    Suede couch cleaning Brisbane

    Comfort Couch Cleaning offers a fast and effective cleaning approach for your suede couch. Our prices are completely economical with no hidden charges. We can guarantee remarkable hygienic results by the end of the cleaning process!

    Ottoman sofa cleaning Brisbane

    This footstool will not only add aesthetic to your property but will also bring exceptional relaxation for you. But since it is a footstool, ottoman acquires foul odour and dirt so easily which needs regular cleaning and deodorisation.

    upholstery stain protection Brisbane

    Nylon sofa cleaning

    We are always dedicated to conducting meticulous cleaning methods for your nylon sofa. Our experts are highly adept and knowledgeable with the proper sanitation and deodorisation method for your nylon sofa.

    Microsuede couch cleaning Brisbane

    This upholstery is known for its delicately soft material that is nice and comfortable especially during the winter season. But sometimes, you do not always have time to clean and understand the needs of your microsuede couch. In this case, call our professionals today for an immediate emergency same-day cleaning of the microsuede couch.

    Cotton upholstery cleaning Brisbane

    Cotton is one of the outstanding upholstery which is why many are purchasing this in Brisbane. It is also important to invest in a reliable company to secure its great condition and ensure its durability. We can eradicate all dirt buildup and stains on your cotton couch efficiently. By hiring us, we can assure you punctual and effective sofa cleaning services at a reasonable cost.

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    Mock suede upholstery cleaning Brisbane

    Our specialists are licensed and trained to conduct a full cleaning strategy for your mock suede. We understand that mock suede is an excellent purchase for both residential and industrial premises in Brisbane. A proper refinement process is important to prolong its life and avoid massive loss of money.

    Leather couch cleaning Brisbane

    Cleaning leathers may not be as easy as you think because you might damage its excellent material with just one wrong move. Don’t hesitate to call Comfort Couch Cleaning certified experts to clean your leather couch today.

    Through our same-day emergency cleaning, we can reach your premises in an hour! You can trust us as we have years of experience and service in Brisbane.

    Linen sofa cleaning Brisbane

    Many locals invest in linen because of its undeniable beauty and comfort it provides to us. But its quality may not be as good as new with the presence of stains, dirt, pests, and soils. To resolve this problem, it is wise to hire our specialists to fully clean your linen sofa today!

    affordable couch cleaning Brisbane

    Silk couch cleaning Brisbane

    Silks are naturally delicate and luxurious which makes it an outstanding addition to your room. As time goes by, silk needs to be cleaned professionally. If you lack the knowledge and expertise to clean silk, it is smart to contact certified practitioners to perform impressive silk couch cleaning to prevent hassle and ensure professionally cleaned upholstery.

    Indian cotton upholstery cleaning Brisbane

    Indian cotton is made up of incredible and specific prints. Preserving its peak condition is essential to avoid cracking and losing its appeal.

    Allow us to clean your Indian cotton upholstery by hiring us today. We have a better understanding of sanitising and deodorising your upholstery at an affordable cost only.

    Wool upholstery cleaning Brisbane

    Wool is indeed expensive, that is why as much as possible notable damage must be avoided. Not everyone is trained to perform a wool sofa cleaning. Luckily, Comfort Couch Cleaning is a dependable company you can count on to meet 100% desirable and immaculate results for your wool sofa. 

    Viscose sofa cleaning Brisbane

    This upholstery resembles the texture of silk so the method requires a great deal of patience and careful hands to do the job. Our detergents are clinically proven safe to use for viscose couch and ensure that no harmful side-effects will be inflicted to you.

    viscose sofa cleaning Brisbane
    fabric sofa cleaning Brisbane
    upholstery cleaning services in Brisbane

    Excellent sofa cleaning for homeowners in Brisbane

    Cleaning your sofas at home may not be an easy task to perform as you may inevitably damage the fabric and use the wrong detergent for your upholstery. Fortunately, you will no longer have to clean your upholstery inconveniently!

    Comfort Couch Cleaning provides excellent upholstery cleaning for homeowners in Brisbane! Our technicians can conduct a thorough progressive approach to deodorise and sanitise your sofa using the suitable organic detergents and utilise the latest equipment for the procedure. Your relaxation is important to us, which is why we constantly work hard to provide you with unparalleled upholstery service.

    satisfactory couch cleaning Brisbane

    Top-notch upholstery cleaning for business owners of Brisbane

    A couch is such an essential part of our interior especially in industrial premises - it sets the mood and provides a welcoming ambience to our visitors. But over time, your couch may not look good and gain plenty of dirt, foul smell, and clouds of dust due to neglect.

    We offer first-class upholstery cleaning for business owners of Brisbane and make sure that you are satisfied with our services! Our specialists are knowledgeable and proficient when it comes to delivering remarkable and sanitary results for your upholstery on the same-day of your booking.

    Scotchgard upholstery protection

    Scotchgard is a specialised treatment to secure your couch against tough stains, dirt, and unwanted smell. We are highly trained to install this treatment on your sofa in Brisbane. By hiring us, you can guarantee a safe method for this additional treatment.

    What do I get from hiring Comfort Couch Cleaning professionals?

    • Fast and reliable services
    • Licensed and informative technicians
    • Avoid significant cash loss by purchasing new upholstery
    • Hygienically clean upholstery of every type
    • Step-by-step procedures to clean your sofa
    • 24/7 emergency and same-day couch cleaning



    Yes, we offer emergency couch cleaning services on the same day you place your booking. We completely understand the urgent needs of your upholstery, which is why we consistently take immediate actions to address your concerns.

    Yes, Comfort Couch Cleaning offers same-day sofa cleaning services. Once you have validated your booking, we will instantly send off our certified and competent technicians who will arrive at your place within one hour.

    Cleaning your upholstery serves an important role in providing a great deal of comfort for you and your loved ones. It is also important to keep it clean and fresh as this helps in hampering drastic health problems and saves a lot of money.

    No. In fact, all our couch cleaning services are reasonably priced, so you will not have to worry about spending a lot of money to achieve desirable outcomes for your sofas.

    The overall cleaning time will depend on the thorough cleaning process and on the time needed to dry up your couches. Once we have fully assessed your couches, we will let you know the estimated time needed to clean your upholstery.

    Location: Brisbane, NSW- 4000, Australia