Ways to keep your upholstery clean

It is nearly impossible to keep your upholstery clean at all times especially when you have kids and pets running around your household. In the workplace, it is not easy to monitor the cleanliness of your couches due to the number of visitors coming and going out of your office, busy schedules, and uncontrollable spilling of drinks, food, and smudges of dirt on your sofa.

Investing time and energy to keep your upholstery clean is important – at least once or twice a week of checking couches make a huge difference.

So, if you are interested to know the ways to keep your couch neat and clean at all times, continue reading!

Vacuuming of sofa

Dust and dirt may penetrate on the layers of your sofa due to many circumstances. Using a vacuum to clean your couches is an important and efficient way of preserving your couches’ excellent condition. The vacuum will absorb all the allergens from your sofa to prevent allergic reactions to set off.

Sitting purpose

Make sure that your couch is for sitting purposes only. Do not eat, nor sleep on your sofa as much as possible as this increases the chance of obtaining dirt easily. If you plan to do so, lay an additional cloth or blanket to protect your sofa properly.

This way, you will not have to be stressed about food crumbs, foul odour, staining, and even pest infestation caused by the fallen bits of food on your upholstery.

No pets allowed on your sofa

Pets are wonderful company inside our properties but they may be the source of our stress especially seeing soils and staining on your couch. Keep your pets off of your upholstery. Their fur may even stick on to your sofa that you may also obtain if you let them sit or play on it.

Put covers

Putting covers is important to ensure that your sofa is preserved for a long time. Make sure to purchase washable cloth that resembles the colour of your sofa, otherwise, your sofa will look strange in the eyes of your visitors.

Also, clean your covers at least once every two weeks or if it has staining to avoid discolouration as well.

Hire professionals

It is essential to contact and hire certified experts to check and clean your couches professionally. Do this at least every six months or once a year. They have the right expertise and knowledge to conduct the job and you can conserve the beauty of your upholstery.