How Often Should a Couch be Deep Cleaned?

Most experts suggest vacuuming the carpets, rugs and upholsteries at least twice a week to preserve the quality of the furniture. However, you have to deep clean these items at least twice a year. There are many ingredients such as baking soda, white vinegar, petroleum jelly, and lemon juice to remove stains, germs and mould growth. Besides upholstery cleaning in Brisbane, you can add a layer of stain protection to make the process easier.

Why is Dirty Furniture so Harmful?  

You cannot maintain a dust-free home; it is impossible. However, you can try your best to reduce the dust on your premises. Whether you have a residential or commercial property, it is scientifically proven that dust and dampness lead to anxiety, stress and skin irritation. Humans shed approximately 35,000 skin cells a day. Over time, dead skin cells, pollen, and pet dander accumulate on sofas, couches and upholsteries, which deteriorate the quality of the furniture. If you are neglecting this issue, you are shortening the lifespan of the furniture.

It means when your kids or pets sit on the sofa; they inhale a large amount of these microparticles, which causes lung infections and skin diseases. How can you avoid it? You should clean the lounge regularly and hire fabric or leather couch cleaning services in Brisbane.

How Can You Determine the Issue?

Generally, every time you sit on the couch, there will be a little sweet or oil on it. Over time it attracts dust and creates dark spots. In minor cases, people neglect this issue, but they hire experienced couch cleaning Brisbane professionals when it becomes difficult for them to control the stains. When you find family members are facing skin related issues more than usual, then it is an indication that you need a professional lounge cleaning service urgently.

You can try DIY remedies when it is a minor issue, but if it affects your family members, you should resolve it as soon as possible with the help of a lounge cleaning Brisbane expert in your locality.

How Often Should a Couch be Deep Cleaned?   

A couch should be deep cleaned at least twice a year. It would be better if you did it more often. Sofa manufacturers and brands also prefer deep cleaning services.

While cleaning, you have to find the care tag of the furniture. Most of the furniture comes with a care tag. If you do not find it, please consult with the local manufacturer. A care tag determines the best way of cleaning the material. Professionals also follow these care tags before preparing their eco-friendly chemical solutions. Some of the popular care tags are-

W: The item is suitable for water-based cleaning.

S: The item is suitable for solvent-based cleaning.

WS: You can try both water-based and solvent-based solutions.

X: You should not apply any solution. Please vacuum the furniture daily.

O: You should clean the item with organic products.

Besides that, please have a spot test of the solution. In this step, you can check the effectiveness of this solution. If you find any instances of fading or discolouration, you should not apply the solution. Otherwise, if you are satisfied, you can apply it in the affected area or as directed by the professionals.

How Can I Clean the Couch?  

DIY solution is more effective against fresh stains. Experts always suggest applying this solution as soon as you find a spillage or stain on the couch. If the stain gets dry, you can try a DIY solution, but if it fails, you should hire lounge cleaning services in Brisbane.

Professionals have years of experience, training and knowledge to deal with these issues. It would be better if you consulted with an expert to preserve the quality of your furniture. They will assess the condition and find out the best solution for your item.

We have plenty of articles on DIY remedies such as baking soda and vinegar; you can check them out to get a better understanding of cleaning. However, if you want the best cleaning service without any headache, you can call us for lounge cleaning services in Brisbane. All our experts are ready to serve you 24/7 and offer a same day service even on holidays. Please call us directly to find out more about our services.