Winter Care Tips for Your Couches


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While you remain busy enjoying and celebrating festivals during winter, your couches take a toll and accumulate dirt continuously. Caring for your couches does not only involve hiring couch cleaning Brisbane experts.

There are a lot of tips you can follow to keep your couches clean throughout the winter seasons. Here, we have mentioned a few effective tips you should follow to keep your sofas clean this winter!

Read on and know more about sofa cleaning Brisbane tips!

Vacuum Regularly

Your couches are abused a lot during the winter seasons. With friends and relatives visiting your home a lot of dirt, allergens and harmful contaminants are brought into your couches.

Furthermore, food crumbs, pet hair, dander and so on keep on accumulating on the couches. That is why it is recommended to vacuum your couches every day, especially during winter.

Regular vacuuming helps in eliminating harmful allergens from your couches and enhancing the looks of the upholstery. Make sure you vacuum your couches using a HEPA filter attachment at least 3-4 times a week.

Control Humidity

Humidity is often a common problem during the winter season. Some regions receive higher humidity during winter while some regions have dry winters. Both situations are not ideal for your couches.

If humidity is an issue during winter, make sure you keep it under control. With humidifiers, you can keep the humidity level inside your room at the perfect level which is ideal for your couches.

Excessive humidity can lead to mould and mildew growth while lack of moisture can lead to leather cracking that is why maintaining an ideal condition is necessary.

Keep away from Heat

Heat and sunlight is the worst enemy of your couches. However, during winter most homeowner likes spending their time near a fireplace or sunlight. It is important that you keep heat away from your sofas especially if you have a leather couch at home.

Leather upholstery can shrink or develop cracks because of heat, and that is why it is suggested to keep sunlight and heat away from the couches. Place your furniture strategically so your couches remain safe!

Feel free to consult upholstery cleaning Brisbane experts in case you notice any problems with your couches!


For leather couch owners, conditioning is an important part of leather upholstery care. Conditioning helps in prolonging the lifespan of the leather upholstery and also leaves them shiny.

As mentioned earlier, leather upholsteries can develop cracks due to lack of moisture and excessive heat exposure, it is important to condition the couches at least once during the winter season.

Feel free to condition your leather couches at home or hire lounge cleaning Brisbane experts for the job!

Treat Spills Immediately

Spills and stains are the worst enemies of your couches. And, it is best to deal with the stains when it is fresh. Moreover, during winter when the festivals are lined up, wine stains and food spills can easily ruin your couches.

It is important to deal with stains as soon as it happens. Keep some blotting paper or baby wipes handy so you easily blot away the stain before it seeps further. This helps in preventing serious staining.

Furthermore, you can also try stain protection services for making your couches stain-resistant. This makes your upholstery spill-proof so you can wipe away the stains immediately!


Over time, couches can develop odour issues, especially during winters when homeowners don’t prefer opening their windows for cross ventilation. To overcome this problem it is important you try some DIY hacks for tackling couch odour problems.

Consider using baking soda, activated charcoal or vinegar for removing couch odour. Or simply rely on the couch cleaning Brisbane experts for professional upholstery odour treatment!

Final Words

That’s all! If you want to keep your couches clean and fresh throughout the winter season, make sure you follow the above-mentioned tips.

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